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Quick View Phonics 4-DVD Set

Phonics 4-DVD Set

Learning the skills that lead to reading and spelling success is more fun than ever. Kids enjoy practicing phonics rules with fun animation, humor, and songs. Delayed answers and the "on-screen mouth" allow learners to check their reading and...
Quick View Preschool Phonics DVD

Preschool Phonics DVD

Developed by educators, here's a fun way to get your preschooler excited about building the early literacy skills fundamental for reading. This video begins with an ABC phonics song that features two cute animals for each letter of the alphabet. Other...
Quick View All-Time Favorite Dances DVD - KIMKV100DVD

All-Time Favorite Dances DVD - KIMKV100DVD

The DVD is based on Kimbo's #1 dance CD. Buy both the DVD and CD for exercise and fun. Watch the entertaining DVD, learn the dances, and enjoy this visually delightful treat featuring real kids having fun. Practice the dances with the CD and use the CD...
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Quick View Alphabet Exercise DVD - RL-913

Alphabet Exercise DVD - RL-913

Alphabet Al promotes fitness and imaginative play while teaching children about letters. Young learners enjoy performing new and traditional exercises, developed with a certified fitness trainer. Approximately 37 min. Ages 3-5.
Quick View Smart Fitness Workout DVD

Smart Fitness Workout DVD

This outstanding, entertaining DVD will help children thrive with daily physical workouts; featuring brain-based, guided movements that will stimulate whole-brain integration for better learning. Also shows how these fitness exercises can be used with...
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