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Didax Dice Activities for Time & Money

More than 80 fun, classroom-tested activities using dice to help children develop fluency with time and money. Children learn how to tell time on an analog clock, calculate elapsed time, and more. Children will become familiar with coin names and values,...
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Touchtronic¨ Numbers

Touchtronic¨ Numbers. Introduce numbers, counting, matching and simple sums with Touchtronic Numbers - the first 3 D tactile math resource to interact with the iPad. Includes numbers 0-9 and 6 equation symbols, color-coded with numbers in purple and...
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Touchtronic¨ Numbers Classroom Kit

The Touchtronic Numbers kit contains 10 sets of 16 numbers and equations for the classroom. Numbers and equations are presented on a storage tray and simply pop out for use on the iPad. The trays make it easy for children to use the Touchtronic Numbers...
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