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Quick View Teacup Pile-Up!

Teacup Pile-Up!

Time for tea! Flip a challenge card and race the other players relay-style to stack a tower of matching teacups on your saucer – without tipping or tumbling! First player or team to complete their tower and ring the teapot bell wins! Teacup Pile-Up!™...
Quick View Flashcards Emotions and Actions Montessori

Flashcards Emotions and Actions Montessori

Play multiple educational games with this set of forty flashcards: recognize emotions, facial expressions and everyday actions by observing the pictures of the boys and girls. Have some fun mixing them up to make funny faces! Recreate emotions using the...
Quick View Montessori My Little House

Montessori My Little House

Put things in order and re-assemble your wonderful little house! With this maxi-game, children can classify the shaped objects, identify their shape, and locate them in their correct position. Helps develop personal identity and independence. Kids will...
Quick View Bingo Bears

Bingo Bears

When you play bingo with these bears, it's never the same game twice! Kids build counting, color, and other toddler preschool learning skills every time they challenge the Bingo Bears from Learning Resources. This skill-building take on the classic game...
Quick View My Feelings Bean Bags

My Feelings Bean Bags

Build social emotional skills and vocabulary and stimulate the senses with emotions you can really feel! Each beanbag in this set of 10 features a printed emotion image, including happy, sad, angry, surprised, loved, scared, peaceful, excited, sleepy,...
Quick View Flip-Pix!


Flip-Pix is the first-ever visual categories game for kids. Players look at a card with pictures on it and flip through their hand in a race to play a card with a letter that one of those pictures starts with. They then flip over their hands and do the...
Quick View Monkey Match Game

Monkey Match Game

Winner of a Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award! No matching game can hold a child's interest like Monkey Match! To play, just select one of five colorful two-sided match cards and place it in the tray. Then place the magic monkey in the center on the...
Quick View Jungle Pals Three Corner Card Game

Jungle Pals Three Corner Card Game

Jungle Pals Card Game is a wildly FUN, roarin' good time for kids and adults. The double-sided card deck features two different games for twice the challenges. Play with jumbo animal faces on one side and then pick up the pace with triple the faces on...
Quick View COUNTERpillar Card Game

COUNTERpillar Card Game

Count on this card game to add FUN to any day. Finish creating number challenges faster than other players to worm your way to a win. The five ways to play are perfect entertainment for parties, aftercare, distance learning breaks, day care, classrooms,...
Quick View Alphabet, Numbers, Colors  Bingo

Alphabet, Numbers, Colors Bingo

Learning fun for everyone! Develop and master essential reading, counting and listening skills with action-packed games kids love. Games include 26 uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters, numbers and number words 0-20, 10 colors, and 6 shapes. Writes...
Quick View Wooden Four in a Row

Wooden Four in a Row

A large version of the traditional 4 in a row game with a sturdy frame and smooth finished wooden black and red counters. The rugged plywood construction is of excellent quality and is ideal for outdoor play. Simply remove the locking pegs at the side to...
Quick View Noodle Knockout Fine Motor Game

Noodle Knockout Fine Motor Game

This fine motor game is a ramen rumble! Kids build new preschool fine motor skills as they snag oodles of noodles and toppings to make bowls of ramen in the Noodle Knockout! Fine Motor Game from Learning Resources. Draw one of the 10 double-sided order...
Quick View Honey Bee Tree Game - INPP8070

Honey Bee Tree Game - INPP8070

The Honey Bee Tree is an award winning game filled with suspense and excitement. Players must carefully remove leaves without dislodging the sleeping bees. The player with the fewest bees in their tray at the end of the game is the winner. When the tree...
Quick View Tangoes Jr. - SG-JRT001

Tangoes Jr. - SG-JRT001

Tangoes Jr. brings the fun, creativity, and problem-solving challenges of Tangoes to a unique toy designed specifically for preschoolers. With a large magnetic play surface, 7 large magnetic puzzle pieces, and 12 double-sided puzzle cards offering 2...
Quick View Pete the Cat The Missing Cupcakes Game

Pete the Cat The Missing Cupcakes Game

Join Pete the Cat and his friends as they work together to get the missing cupcakes back from Grumpy Toad. Players collect colorful cupcakes as they sing songs, act out physical activities, and identify favorite animals, foods and words in this fun board...
Quick View Pete the Cat I Love My Buttons Game

Pete the Cat I Love My Buttons Game

Pete the Cat lost his buttons and needs your help to find them! Players take turns spinning the spinner and using the Pete the Cat squeezer to pick up a matching button and place it in their Pete the Cat shirt game board. Fill your shirt first to win the...
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