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Quick View Vowel Objects

Vowel Objects

Vowel objects are a set of 40 magnetic foam vowel objects in a box. Begin to teach vowels in an interactive, hands-on and fun way as children identify objects and sound out their vowel sounds such as goat, owl and fork. Each piece measures approximately...
Quick View First Words with Spike

First Words with Spike

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog® is here to help kids learn their first words during adventures filled with fine motor fun! Kids explore more than 50 essential first words while strengthening their preschool fine motor skills every time they follow along...
Quick View Skill Builders! Letter & Number Maker

Skill Builders! Letter & Number Maker

This hands-on construction set turns learning alphabet and number skills into hands-on fun! Set your kids on the path to kindergarten success with the fun activities and educational indoor games found in the Skill Builders! Kindergarten Letter & Number...
Quick View Great Big Preschool Activities

Great Big Preschool Activities

With Great Big Preschool Activities, preschoolers practice letters, sounds, shapes, patterns, counting, and more through fun activities on giant, oversized pages alongside their favorite Disney characters. Includes over 300 reward stickers. For ages 3-5...
Quick View Smart Snacks Alpha Pops

Smart Snacks Alpha Pops

Pop together these frozen treats to match uppercase and lowercase letters. Each pop is double sided so all letters of the alphabet are included. Pops are self checking by color. They are also great for fine motor practice and imaginative play! Includes...
Quick View Alphabet Objects Set - PC-2033

Alphabet Objects Set - PC-2033

These wonderful alphabet objects have been carefully selected to help children recognize and sort first sounds in words. Because none of the objects begins with long vowels or consonant blends, they are perfect for isolating each initial sound. All 78...
Quick View Rainbow CVC Objects - JRL641

Rainbow CVC Objects - JRL641

Rainbow CVC Objects are a set of 40 magnetic foam CVC objects in a box. Begin to teach CVCs in an interactive, hands-on and fun way as children identify objects and sound out their consonant, vowel, consonants, such as bat, fox and pig.
Quick View In, On, Under, and More, Preposition Game

In, On, Under, and More, Preposition Game

This preposition lotto game asks children to match cards to game boards and then use objects to recreate the prepositions in, on, under, behind, in front, and next to. Put the penguin in the tub, on the tub, or under it. Includes 24 cards, 4 game boards,...
Quick View 3-D Rhyme Basket - PC-1036

3-D Rhyme Basket - PC-1036

Sock, clock, sail, snail, clown, crown, knowing how and where rhyming words are the same and different is a critical phonemic awareness skill that's essential to reading readiness. Fun, hands-on activities bring word play to life for young students and...
Quick View Vowel Puzzles

Vowel Puzzles

This 78 piece puzzle set includes 14 puzzles for teaching short and long and vowel sounds. Supports the development of spelling skills as students can see the different ways each vowel sound can be represented. Short and long vowel sounds are color-coded...
Quick View Rhyming Puzzles

Rhyming Puzzles

This 71 piece puzzle set includes 24 puzzles for matching common rhyming words. Supports the development of phonemic awareness. The rhyming part of the word has been highlighted to support learning. Unique puzzle cut ensures the correct answer and lets...
Quick View Alphabet Box

Alphabet Box

Develop alphabet awareness and learn letter shapes and sounds. The alphabet box contains 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter card plus 3 object cards. Each object card has an illustration on one side and the lowercase letter on the reverse, enabling...
Quick View Sentences Cubes, Set of 9

Sentences Cubes, Set of 9

Sentence cubes contain 9 parts of speech cubes for sentence building. Each cube is color-coded according to its part of speech. Roll cubes to generate random sentences and practice putting words together in the correct order. Contains 9 six sided cubes,...
Quick View Teach Me Tags, 44 Sounds - JRL627

Teach Me Tags, 44 Sounds - JRL627

Teach Me Tags 44 Sounds is a handy and the perfect on-the-go learning Flashcard. It is a double-sided card with images that represent each of the 44 sounds of English to act as a mnemonic in one side, and the letters or letter combinations known as...
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