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Quick View Hexacus Stacking Game

Hexacus Stacking Game

HEXACUS is an exploration in creativity and fun for the entire family. Just sort by size and color, then stack, nest, and balance to create a wide variety of patterns and shapes. Our Idea Booklet shows over 100 examples of easy to challenging patterns...
Quick View Build & Spin: Barnyard Friends

Build & Spin: Barnyard Friends

A great addition to the successful Build & Spin series that helps toddlers build motor skills through delightful, spinning gear play. The chunky gears snap into the base, allowing for take-and-play portability. Set includes 8 large gears, 7 friendly...
Quick View Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog Pink

Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog Pink

This hedgehog lost his quills and only your little ones can help him get them back! Spike is a fine motor skills toy that helps kids build hand muscles and fine motor skills development as they replace the chunky, peg-shaped "quills" within the holes...
Quick View Magnification Blocks, 6 Pieces - GD-3018

Magnification Blocks, 6 Pieces - GD-3018

Six stacking squares feature hardwood frames, and smooth, rounded corners and edges, with inset magnified acrylic windows. Ideal for exploring natural, tactile, and other detailed materials found inside or in nature. Enhance STEM-based activities with...
Quick View Teachable Touchables Texture Squares

Teachable Touchables Texture Squares

Scratchy, slippery, silky, or soft? Young learners build tactile awareness and vocabulary skills as they interact with these twenty texture squares (ten different pairs) in a variety of "hands-on" activities. Each textured pillow or patch is...
Quick View Weight Cylinders - GD-5085

Weight Cylinders - GD-5085

The Weight Cylinders develop children's ability to perceive and differentiate weights. This learning toy builds concentration, matching and focusing skills. Children compare the weights of the wooden cylinders with plastic grips to discover a match...
Quick View Gator Grabber Tweezers - LER2963

Gator Grabber Tweezers - LER2963

Sized for little hands and great for developing the pincer grasp! Working on fine motor skills is fun when children get to use an Alligator to grip objects. Includes: 12 tweezers — 6 colors (red, yellow, purple, orange, blue and green). Plastic storage...
Quick View Rainbow Wooden Shape Twister

Rainbow Wooden Shape Twister

This wooden toy features seven shapes that screw on and off a wooden stick. Each shape has a different number of sides so children can become familiar with early geometric concepts. Each of the seven shapes features a different bright color. Kids can...
Quick View Activity Buttons, 57 Pieces - MLE31791

Activity Buttons, 57 Pieces - MLE31791

Big buttons with 1 to 5 holes in bright colors. Ideal for sequencing and sorting, as well as developing mathematical and motor skills. Each button has a number in relief and its equivalent Braille symbol. The set includes individual activity worksheets...
Quick View Activity Pegs, 30 Pieces - MLE31787

Activity Pegs, 30 Pieces - MLE31787

This is an excellent basic math game designed to boost concentration, attention and eye-hand coordination. The Pegs have 3 basic geometric shapes: Circle, Square and Triangle in 3 primary colors: red, blue and yellow. Included are 12 activity mats...
Quick View Wimzle Sensory Toy

Wimzle Sensory Toy

Send your little one's senses on a whimsical adventure! Sliding back and forth at clever angles through the center ball are four bars with vibrant, textured spheres on each end. Each sphere features a uniquely shaped, spinning silicone ring built into...
Quick View OombeeCube Matching Toy

OombeeCube Matching Toy

Grab, explore, sort, and discover! Little hands are immediately drawn to the six vibrant, textured, rubbery, tethered shapes. Explore their contours, give them a squeeze, and even try chewing on them - Made of 100% food-grade silicone, these shapes are...
Quick View Stack n' Nest Cups - INPE00267

Stack n' Nest Cups - INPE00267

These 7 colorful cups are perfectly sized and shaped for easy stacking and nesting. Each cup features a different embossed shape along the edges, as well as a different shape pressed into the bottom of the cup. They come in assorted colors and sizes as...
Quick View Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

Our hedgehog lost his quills, and only your little ones can help him get them back! From Learning Resources, Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog helps kids build up hand muscles and fine motor skills as they replace the chunky, peg-shaped 'quills' within the...
Quick View Kindness Hearts

Kindness Hearts

Children will just love to touch, hold and give away these attractive, tactile heart stones. Made in eight colorful shades, the kindness hearts will help children recognize and appreciate kindness, and then show it to each other. They are a perfect...
Quick View Nest and Stack Shapes

Nest and Stack Shapes

Build, match and compare colorful, stackable blocks while developing essential sequencing and classification techniques with Nest and Stack Shapes. Nest the blocks or place pieces in corresponding spaces on the birch plywood puzzle board. The durable...
Quick View Doorbell House - LCI2505

Doorbell House - LCI2505

Ding Dong! Fun is at the door of this soundly-built wooden doorbell house. Four electronic doorbell sounds, four unique locks with matching keys, and four pose-able play people are included with this charming cottage! The keys are attached to the house...
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