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Quick View Stacking Shape Pegs & Pegboard Set

Stacking Shape Pegs & Pegboard Set

Add this early math and fine motor skills toy to your homeschool supplies! The Geo Pegs and Peg Board Set includes 36 toddler-sized pegs in six colors and three shapes, plus three laces and a foam peg board. Colors are: blue, red, yellow, green, orange...
Quick View FantaColor Design

FantaColor Design

The external frame becomes an additional play area that can be decorated with pegs. It also allows to position the pegboard vertically, just like a photo-holder, so that the master-pieces created by children can be displayed in full view. The two large...
Quick View Peg Brite

Peg Brite

Peg Brite allows the composition of images with pegs in total freedom, with a light generated by an electronic circuit equipped with the latest generation Leds. Includes 1 peg brite, 120 colored transparent pegs, 1 case for pegs, and 1 booklet w/examples.
Quick View Tall-Stacker Mighty Monkey Pegs & Pegboard Set

Tall-Stacker Mighty Monkey Pegs & Pegboard Set

It's a new twist on a favorite toy - why stack with just pegs when you can add colorful monkey pegs to the mix? Kids will enjoy using their imagination to create their own Mighty Monkey formations and seeing how high they can stack the 2 5/8" monkeys!...
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Quick View Tall-Stackers Pegs & Pegboard Set

Tall-Stackers Pegs & Pegboard Set

This set is perfect for young hands and minds. The 8" square Lauri crepe rubber pegboard has 25 holes, so kids can make lots of designs. And they will love to see how high they can stack the pegs. Ages 2 & Up. Contents: 25 Tall-Stacker Pegs, Lauri Crepe...
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Quick View Pegs & Pegboards Set

Pegs & Pegboards Set

Practice with patterning, sequencing, color recognition, and even graphing with this pegs and peg boards set. The complete set of pegs and peg boards contains five 10 x 10 hole peg boards that measure 6.20" square, 1000 pegs (.75") in assorted colors...
Quick View Super Pegs, 69 Pieces - MLE95080

Super Pegs, 69 Pieces - MLE95080

Perfect for small hands, these large pegs are easy to handle and affix to the pegboards. The 4 assorted peg shapes come in 4 primary colors. Provides lots of fun matching the pegs to the patterns. The Super Pegs encourage creativity while building motor,...
Quick View Pixel Junior Starter Set

Pixel Junior Starter Set

FantaColor Junior - Create wonderful mosaics with buttons in 6 different colors. The transparent board has holes where the buttons are inserted. The buttons are very easy to put in, but stay perfectly in position. Cards with the images to be reproduced...
Quick View FantaColor Junior

FantaColor Junior

Children as young as 2 years of age can easily compose their first beautiful mosaics by inserting the 48 large and unbreakable pegs into the transparent board. Eight pattern cards can be handily placed under the transparent board. Pegs and cards are...
Quick View Daisy Maxi

Daisy Maxi

Younger kids will love to stack and topple the 21 extra-large chubby pegs made of indestructible flexible plastic. Older children can match and sort the pegs by color or shape, and create artistic three-dimensional patterns on the flower-shaped board...
Quick View Lacing Shoe, Wood

Lacing Shoe, Wood

"I can do it myself!" Few things will give your child more satisfaction than mastering shoe lacing and tying skills. This wooden, high-top sneaker will make practicing fun and help your child reach this developmental milestone.
Quick View Beads in a Bucket, 108 Pieces

Beads in a Bucket, 108 Pieces

This set of colorful hardwood spheres, cubes and cylinders with laces provides plenty of pre-reading and early math practice. Set includes 108 beads in six colors and two 36" black laces with 1" plastic tips.
Quick View Beads and Pattern Cards Activity Set

Beads and Pattern Cards Activity Set

Colorful wooden spheres, cubes, and cylinders provide plenty of patterning practice, a prerequisite for early reading and math activities. Includes: 20 Activity Cards, 108 beads in 6 colors (red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple). 2 Ñ 36" black...
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