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Quick View Lacing Shoe, Wood

Lacing Shoe, Wood

"I can do it myself!" Few things will give your child more satisfaction than mastering shoe lacing and tying skills. This wooden, high-top sneaker will make practicing fun and help your child reach this developmental milestone.
Quick View Beads in a Bucket, 108 Pieces

Beads in a Bucket, 108 Pieces

This set of colorful hardwood spheres, cubes and cylinders with laces provides plenty of pre-reading and early math practice. Set includes 108 beads in six colors and two 36" black laces with 1" plastic tips.
Quick View Beads and Pattern Cards Activity Set

Beads and Pattern Cards Activity Set

Colorful wooden spheres, cubes, and cylinders provide plenty of patterning practice, a prerequisite for early reading and math activities. Includes: 20 Activity Cards, 108 beads in 6 colors (red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple). 2 Ñ 36" black...
Quick View Lacing & Tracingª Dinosaurs

Lacing & Tracingª Dinosaurs

Seven Lauri dinos will live on as every child's favorite creatures for drawing and play acting. Kids lace the shapes and gain eye-hand coordination, or they'll trace them and express their own impressions of prehistoric times. T-Rex is 6" tall.
Quick View Lacing & Tracing Animals

Lacing & Tracing Animals

Increase fine-motor control, introduce problem-solving, develop concentration, and encourage quiet play with just one Lauri teaching toy. Seven favorite animals plus 7 tipped, 36 inch laces for lacing, and these heavy-duty chipboard shapes lie flat for...
Quick View Beehive Lacing

Beehive Lacing

The Beehive Lacing set combines a classic lacing activity while inspiring dramatic play. Set includes a solid rubberwood beehive with holes for the three bees on multi-colored lacing strings to lace through it. These manipulatives are easy for little...
Quick View Geo Shape Lacing

Geo Shape Lacing

Geo Shape Lacing is a colorful, geometric new look for a classic lacing activity toy. Set includes 3 over-sized geometric lacing boards and multi-colored laces. Children can experiment with color, patterns, letters, and pictures within the frames...
Quick View Lacing Shoe with Sole

Lacing Shoe with Sole

Practice the fundamentals with this clever learning aid! Lacing Shoe with Sole encourages children to practice fine motor skills and teaches lacing and bow tying skills. Measures 8.5" x 4" x 6". For ages 3 and up.
Quick View I Can Tie My Shoes! Lacing Card Set

I Can Tie My Shoes! Lacing Card Set

Improve fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination while learning to tie shoes! This fun game set includes 6 colorful shoes and boots (each 7" x 4.25"), 6 laces (each 36"), and directions in English, Spanish, and French. No reading is required.
Quick View Vegetable Sensory Play Stones

Vegetable Sensory Play Stones

These sturdy vegetable stones offer the perfect ingredients for creative cookery in the mud kitchen, or for inspired role play (indoors or out)! Boiled, roasted, fried or steamed, the vegetables can be used to make all sorts of dishes: soups, stews,...
Quick View Fruit Sensory Play Stones, Set of 8

Fruit Sensory Play Stones, Set of 8

Fresh from the mud kitchen or outdoor area comes fruit salad, poached fruit, cobbler and pies. These durable stones are able to withstand the toughest of treatment and are as good as new once cleaned up. Children will find all sorts of ways to prepare...
Quick View Sensory Worry Stones, Set of 12

Sensory Worry Stones, Set of 12

These tactile stones have been designed to soothe, calm and help children focus. Offering an appealing range of shapes, textures and natural colors, the set includes 12 stones: 2 each of 6 designs measuring between 2-3". Ages 3 years and up.
Quick View Natural Focus Frames, Set of 3

Natural Focus Frames, Set of 3

Encourage outdoor investigators and artists with this set of three wooden frames, which are ideal for focusing attention on an area for close inspection and inspiration. With three different sizes, the range of focus can be varied depending on the...
Quick View Match Me: Sensory Leaf Tiles, Set of 12

Match Me: Sensory Leaf Tiles, Set of 12

These beautiful wooden tiles offer an engaging, tactile way to explore pattern and shape in the natural world. They are perfect for matching games, developing language, creating rubbings, taking imprints, as well as being an appealing resource for...
Quick View Worm Farm

Worm Farm

Make your own amazing worm farm with this classic kit, which encourages hands-on interaction with worms and their environment! Children aged 6+ will explore how worms help plants grow, their life and role in planet management and a few worm secrets! Use...
Quick View Ant Mine

Ant Mine

By building this ant colony, kids will learn important lessons about the natural world around them. They will learn important beginner STEM skills such as observation, attention to detail and following instructions. In addition, they will learn about one...
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