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Quick View Royal Divided Tub - Clear

Royal Divided Tub - Clear

Our tubs are the strong but sensitive type. They can withstand the roughest, toughest play that children can dish out, yet they're friendly to the environment. Made from 25% recycled material. The perfect book storage tub. Two built-in dividers keep...
Quick View Write-On/Wipe-Off: Tracing

Write-On/Wipe-Off: Tracing

Write-On/Wipe-Off books are engaging, versatile learning tools that can be enjoyed over and over again. Each book is geared toward helping children develop and master basic skills. Durable pages allow for easy erasing, offering endless opportunities for...
Quick View Little Skill Seekers: Tracing

Little Skill Seekers: Tracing

Sharpen hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills with this fun workbook! These important skills set the foundation for learningÑthis product helps children develop and hone these skills. Children trace and color lines and shapes and build up to...
Quick View Classic Toy Bead Maze

Classic Toy Bead Maze

Multi-shaped and brightly colored beads swoop and slide along roller coaster wires to encourage color and shape recognition and fine motor development. With a sturdy wooden base, this eye-catching activity will keep a little one busy for a long while!
Quick View Magnetic Wand Number Maze, 12" x 9"

Magnetic Wand Number Maze, 12" x 9"

One for the goose and ten for the goat...the animals are counting on you! Fill each basket with the correct number of red "apples" by sliding the attached magnetic wand over the acrylic cover. Perform math-magic with no removable pieces.
Quick View Trace Ace Scissor Skills Set

Trace Ace Scissor Skills Set

Build fine motor skills one snip at a time! This activity set's tracing and cutting activities help kids build the hand strength and coordination needed for preschool success. Includes 3 stencils measuring 5"H x 7"W, 1 pair of safety scissors, and 3...
Quick View Primary Shapes Templates, Set of 5

Primary Shapes Templates, Set of 5

Relational shapes help students make mental connections as they compare shapes. Provides relational examples in varying sizes and orientations Ñ trace around the entire template for the largest version! Lets students easily view their tracing lines after...
Quick View Textured Touch and Trace Cards: Numbers

Textured Touch and Trace Cards: Numbers

Help students identify numbers 1-30 and learn to correctly print them with these textured tracing cards. Green dots show where to begin tracing and red dots show where to stop. Directional arrows teach correct letter formation. Each set includes 30...
Quick View Freddie Farm Truck

Freddie Farm Truck

Join Freddie, the motorized farm truck from WOW Toys on a farming adventure! Place the driver in the front cab and push Freddie along to see his powerful motor send him off to pick up his cow, sheep, pig and donkey. Fit each animal in their designated...
Quick View Ronnie Rocket

Ronnie Rocket

Soar through the skies and into space on your very own space mission with Ronnie Rocket from WOW Toys. Pull Ronnie's cord to start the countdown to take off. Watch as the numbers go from 5 to 1 while Ronnie shudders and shakes as he approaches blast off...
Quick View Flip 'n' Tip Fred

Flip 'n' Tip Fred

Introduce pre-schoolers to recycling with Flip 'n' Tip Fred; a fun, durable and interactive recycling truck from WOW Toys. Sort the three different recycling bins for paper, glass and garden refuse into the buckets at the front and rear of the truck, and...
Quick View Fireball Frankie

Fireball Frankie

Win the race with Fireball Frankie, the speedy, lightweight race car from WOW Toys. Fit Frankie's driver figure into the driver's seat and push him along to see his powerful motorized engine carry him straight to the finish line. Frankie is sure to win...
Quick View Tidlo Tractor & Trailer

Tidlo Tractor & Trailer

Down on the farm you will find the happy Farmer and his shiny red tractor tending to livestock, harvesting crops and even transporting hay bales from A to B. This cute, retro style tractor features poseable 'headlights' and a pivoting trailer with 2 felt...
Quick View Wooden Farm Animals, Set of 10

Wooden Farm Animals, Set of 10

No farm is complete without some farm animals! There are 2 cows ready for milking, 2 sheep waiting to nibble at the grass, 2 pigs happy to roll around in the mud, 2 ducks ready to swim about in the pond and 2 chickens waiting to lay some eggs! A great...
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