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Quick View Magnetic Algebra Tilesª

Magnetic Algebra Tilesª

Magnetic geometric shapes reinforce modeling algebraic principles. Creates concrete models right on your whiteboard. Supports whole-class demonstrations and hands-on student work. Includes 72 geometric shapes in a variety of sizes. Features write & wipe...
Quick View Algebra Tilesª Classroom Set

Algebra Tilesª Classroom Set

Students build geometric models of polynomials exploring firsthand the concepts related to them. Includes enough sets for 30 students. Each classroom set also includes our Overhead Set and a 40-page book enabling students to be actively involved in...
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Quick View Four-Pan Algebra Balance Set

Four-Pan Algebra Balance Set

Unlike any other balance, this one makes it possible to physically show that -10. Weights placed on the outer pans represent negative integers and those placed in the inner pans represent positive integers. When you place a weight in each pan on one side...
Quick View Algebra, Skills for Success

Algebra, Skills for Success

Perfect for students at different levels of understanding, Algebra for middle school and high school students provides teaching strategies as well as skill reinforcement and review. Topics in this 128-page math resource book include these fundamental...
Quick View Pre-Algebra Skill for Success

Pre-Algebra Skill for Success

Challenge capable students while also helping those who need extra Pre-Algebra practice. Topics in this middle school math book include these fundamental algebra skills: integers, fractions and mixed numbers, decimals and estimation, graphing, ratios,...
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