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Quick View Math Word Problems DVD - RL-201

Math Word Problems DVD - RL-201

Marko the Pencil helps students boost math skills and score high on tests. Students learn how to read problems carefully, identify relevant information, use pictures and diagrams, and look for patterns. Clear explanations and outrageous humor make this...
Quick View Division Rap DVD

Division Rap DVD

Kids of all ages love learning division by performing along with D.J. Doc Roc. Positive lyrics, cool rap music, and high-energy action generate lots of excitement as students learn to solve division facts quickly and accurately. With these fun songs,...
Quick View Math Word Problems DVD

Math Word Problems DVD

Discover a new language or practice vocabulary and counting in your child's first language. Choose from Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, and English Ñ all six languages on one DVD! In this exciting adventure, kids learn colors, toys,...
Quick View Basic Math Intro Wrap-Up Keys Kit

Basic Math Intro Wrap-Up Keys Kit

One of our best values! This kit includes one set each of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Fractions, as well as corresponding "Wrap-up Rap" audio CDs for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. You'll also receive a...
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