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Quick View Foam Color Cubes

Foam Color Cubes

Practice sorting, patterning, visual discrimination, fine motor skills, and basic math concepts with 30 blank cubes in 6 different colors. 1-inch cubes. Foam is lightweight, soft, quiet, and washable. Square edges stop the cubes from rolling too far...
Quick View Tangoes Brainiac

Tangoes Brainiac

Tangoes Brainiac picks up where Tangoes Classic leaves off, with 54 new, more challenging tangram puzzles! Comes in the same compact, portable package, great for travel!
Quick View Tangoes, Original Game

Tangoes, Original Game

Our Classic Tangoes Puzzle Game in eye-catching Royal Blue -- the one that started it all! Packed in our signature, slim plastic case with grooved texturing, this challenging game includes two sets of seven playing pieces in blue and red, along with Card...
Quick View Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks

Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks

Reinforce shape recognition, symmetry, congruency, fractions, area and more! Perfect for demonstration, proportionately sized pieces are 3 times the length of standard pattern blocks on each side-and 9 times greater in total area! Largest piece (hexagon)...
Quick View Brights!ª Tangrams Classpack

Brights!ª Tangrams Classpack

Invented in China, the tangram is a 7-piece square puzzle that has challenged learners of all ages for over one thousand years. What do you get when you cross this classic puzzle with a strikingly fresh color palette? Simply, Brights! : teaching tools...
Quick View Brights! Pattern Blocks

Brights! Pattern Blocks

Analyze, compare, and compose 2-D shapes with pattern blocks in bright, bold colors. Liven up learning with this vibrant set of 250 plastic (0.5 cm) pattern blocks in 6 shapes and colors to explore symmetry, area measurement, and more! Includes storage...
Quick View 120 Hundreds Board

120 Hundreds Board

Build, count, and discover the world of 120! Introduce number patterns, sequencing, place value, odd and even numbers, and much more. Double-sided board features numbers printed on the front and a blank grid for additional patterning and graphing...
Quick View Tangrams and Pattern Cards

Tangrams and Pattern Cards

Compose various figures with this set of colorfully illustrated pattern cards and tangrams. Printed one side on sturdy card stock measuring 8.625" x 11". Set includes 20 pattern cards and 1 set of 7 plastic tangram pieces.
Quick View Giant Magnetic Foam Tangrams

Giant Magnetic Foam Tangrams

Giant Magnetic Foam Tangrams are great for whole class demonstration. Explore shape, size, comparison, spatial reasoning, pattern, and designs. Large 7-7/8" x 7-7/8" x 3/16" (20 x 20 x 0.5cm) square is formed out of all 7 pieces, pieces come in four...
Quick View Classroom Clips, Set of 30

Classroom Clips, Set of 30

Our small pegs are brightly colored and have many applications. Improve children's fine motor skills by clipping the pegs together to make patterns or to build structures. Pegs may also be used to attach artwork to a line or other suitable surface. The...
Quick View Math Cubes, Set of 100

Math Cubes, Set of 100

This set of 100 linking math cubes includes 10 different colors. Cubes link together on all sides and feature five different geometric shapes on five of the sides: circle, square, triangle, pentagon and hexagon. These cubes are an ideal STEAM resource...
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