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Quick View Swing Ball Set, Set of 6

Swing Ball Set, Set of 6

The Champion Sports Swing Ball Set offers a fun cardio exercise for kids and adults that can be played alone or competitively in a group. Simply slip your foot through the ring and start swinging the corded ball with your ankle; the aim is to keep...
Quick View Target Net Set, Set of 6

Target Net Set, Set of 6

The Champion Sports Target Net is a multi-purpose target hoop. Great for catching any shot from golf, to frisbees to bean bags, this target net is great for practicing and perfecting your swing or throw! Made of powder coated steel with a pivoting hoop,...
Quick View Tempered Steel Badminton Racket Set

Tempered Steel Badminton Racket Set

In a sport like badminton, a racket with the right grip, balance, string tension and weight can provide a player with that extra flexibility or control needed to be a champion. Champion Sports offers a wide variety of rackets for every need. This...
Quick View Rhino Stick Elementary Hockey Set, 43-Inch

Rhino Stick Elementary Hockey Set, 43-Inch

With everything you need to get a group together to play floor hockey, the Champion Sports 43 Inch Rhino® Stick Elementary Hockey Set includes 12 sticks and two no-bounce pucks for indoor use. Designed with ABS plastic shafts, these hockey sticks are...
Quick View Rubber Horseshoe Set - CHSIHS1

Rubber Horseshoe Set - CHSIHS1

Safer and softer than traditional horseshoes, the Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set can be used indoors or outdoors for total versatility. The colorful horseshoes are easy to spot by both players and spectators, and come in two different colors for...
Quick View Plastic Paddleball Rackets, Set of 6

Plastic Paddleball Rackets, Set of 6

Add some brightly colored fun to your playground or gym with the Champion Sports Plastic Paddleball Racket Set. This set features six full-size paddleball rackets, made from durable molded plastic for a longer lifespan. Great for a range of games and...
Quick View Mini Golf Set - CHSMGSET

Mini Golf Set - CHSMGSET

The Champion Sports Mini Golf Set is packed with fun and will bring the entire family together! It is a great learning tool for children to grasp the basic skills of putting, hand-eye coordination, and concentration while keeping the practice fun and...
Quick View Scoop Ball Set - CHSSBS1SET

Scoop Ball Set - CHSSBS1SET

Practice hand-eye coordination while having fun with the Champion Sports Scoop Ball Set. This pack of brightly-colored plastic scoop balls and paddles make an excellent fun game to play, and a safer alternative to lacrosse. The lightweight and durable...
Quick View Deluxe Badminton Set - CHSDBSET

Deluxe Badminton Set - CHSDBSET

The Champion Sports Badminton Set has everything you need to play a game of badminton. This set includes four deluxe steel badminton rackets, heavy-duty plastic uprights, a 20' nylon net, two shuttlecocks, two pole anchors, and four ground stakes for...
Quick View Deluxe Tether Ball Set - CHSDTBSET

Deluxe Tether Ball Set - CHSDTBSET

The Champion Sports Deluxe Tetherball Set has everything you need to set up a game of tetherball at the park, campsite, or even at the beach. This tetherball set includes a regulation ball, three 1.5" steel telescopic 24" long poles, durable 102" nylon...
Quick View Mini Sports Disks, 12"D - OG-SM001

Mini Sports Disks, 12"D - OG-SM001

For those seeking slightly faster-paced game play, the extra lightweight Mini Super Sports Disk with its smaller target area will put that extra bounce in your step! Floatable, portable, flexible, and durable, the Mini will provide friends and family...
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Quick View Ladder Ball Game Set

Ladder Ball Game Set

The Champion Sports Ladder Golf Set only takes minutes to set up and provides hours of fun at the beach, park, or your own backyard. This set includes two plastic ladders with a deep base for stability, and six bolas (two weighted sponge golf balls...
Quick View OgoDisk-Mezo - OG-SK001

OgoDisk-Mezo - OG-SK001

A hand trampoline for balls: throw, catch, bounce! Mezo combines a large target area for easy bouncing with a thinner handle for smaller hands. Bounce any ball -- for summer fun, try it in the pool with water balloons! Newest member of the award-winning...
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