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Quick View Writing Lab Montessori

Writing Lab Montessori

Children put the word puzzles together in the little houses, write words using the moveable letters then practice writing them themselves with the pen provided. The game is inspired by the Montessori three-period method. Great way for kids to learn how...
Quick View Reading Skills Puzzles, Rhyming Words

Reading Skills Puzzles, Rhyming Words

With colorful illustrations, these two-piece puzzles help students with word recognition as well as vocabulary development and rhyming. Includes 30 puzzles. Grades 1-3.Key Features : i : Helps students build word recognition and vocabulary development.ii...
Quick View Prefixes and Suffixes Book

Prefixes and Suffixes Book

Prefixes and Suffixes The national standards require that students beginning at fouth grade use their knowledge of prefixes and suffixes to determine the meaning of wrods. Each of the 30 units in this resource includes a word list, vocabulary sort cards,...
Quick View More Greek and Latin Roots Book

More Greek and Latin Roots Book

More Greek and Latin Roots follows the same friendly, easy-to-use format as in Trisha Callella's original Greek and Latin Roots and features 30 new lessons to support students' growing vocabulary. The built-in repetition and review will help students...
Quick View Let's Build Words Magnets, Set of 121

Let's Build Words Magnets, Set of 121

Comprehensive set covers lots of foundational literacy skills! Practice letter recognition, word families and phonics/spelling. Large enough for whole-class demonstration or a magnetic word wall! Great for small groups. Color-coded (red vowels and blue...
Quick View Compound Words Learning Mat

Compound Words Learning Mat

Your children will quickly learn compound words with this durable, write-on/wipe-off learning mat! Great for at-home, for a fun meal-time activity, or take it on-the-go to use in the car or while eating out. Ages 5+. Use with dry-erase crayons. Do not...
Quick View Word Of The Day Flip Chart - PC-1272

Word Of The Day Flip Chart - PC-1272

Start building a lifelong love of words with these interesting, ten-minute-a-day, oral vocabulary activities. Comprehensive, stimulating word introductions provided for the teacher engage children, and lead them quickly to correct usage. They will act...
Quick View CCVC Builders

CCVC Builders

Set of 26 CCVC cards with picture and color guides for building CCVC (consonant consonant vowel consonant) words with CVC or Phonics Tri-Blocks Tub. Children follow the progression as they learn to sound out and build words. Can self-check answers on the...
Quick View Rainbow Sentences, 160 Pieces

Rainbow Sentences, 160 Pieces

Rainbow Sentences is a wonderfully hands-on magnetic resource which will stimulate your student's creativity and excite them about developing their literacy skills by literally building sentences! Through a range of nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns,...
Quick View Word Construction Set

Word Construction Set

A nuts-and-bolts approach to making, and spelling, words! Start with consonant, vowel, consonant to make a word. Then, turn any piece to make a new word. Kids can progress to making longer words, with each bolt holding up to 4 nuts. Includes 6 bolts, 30...
Quick View Flash Cards: First Words

Flash Cards: First Words

Help your child build his or her vocabulary with these double-sided flash cards featuring 110 common words. Features full color photographs and includes a parent guide with games and activities.
Quick View Vowel Owls Sorting Set

Vowel Owls Sorting Set

Vowels of a feather gather together to make phonics and word recognition a hoot! Help students distinguish long from short vowels in single-syllable words using engaging picture cards. Sort the cards into the correct owls labeled with the vowels. Use the...
Quick View Tub of Word Tiles - EU-867450

Tub of Word Tiles - EU-867450

Eureka Manipulatives are great for teaching early childhood learning and a great tool in helping students recognize connections within each educational topic. Each pack includes 160 plastic color-coded word tiles divided into groups of nouns, verbs,...
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