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Quick View GeoSafari Jr. My First Science Kit

GeoSafari Jr. My First Science Kit

Serious science designed for little STEM learners! Packed with all the tools and ingredients curious kiddos need to complete 15 hands-on experiments like creating eruptions, forming crystals, creating static electricity, and more. Easy-to-follow...
Quick View Yuckology! Slime Lab

Yuckology! Slime Lab

Yuck! Make and store your grossest goo with the Yuckology! Slime Lab from Learning Resources. Using common ingredients found around the house, kids build their early science skills as they mix, stir, and stretch their own magic slime, dough, and putty...
Quick View Natural Health and Well Being

Natural Health and Well Being

Observe chemical reactions and explore natural science with this Natural Health and Well-Being kit! Children aged 8+ will use chemical reactions to create a dream pillow, potpourri, bath fizzers, fragrance diffusers and bath salts. Children will also...
Quick View Mind Boggling Science Kit

Mind Boggling Science Kit

Grab your labcoat and get ready for some mind boggling science. This whacky science kit features 11 different experiments. Just follow our numbered, step-by-step activity guide. Our instructions are color-coded and kid friendly. Young scientists can use...
Quick View Medical Science

Medical Science

Explore the fascinating chemistry and biology inside the human body. This kit features laboratory tools, high-quality chemicals, and full-color, step-by-step instructions for more than 50 activities. Create reactions inside a test-tube digestive system...
Quick View Snap Circuits Snap Rover

Snap Circuits Snap Rover

Have FUN building your own RC Snap Rover® using the colorful Snap Circuits® parts that snap together with ease. Guide your Snap Rover® with the easy-to-use remote control. Requires one (1) 9V and six (6) "AA" batteries (not included). For ages 8 and up...
Quick View The "E" Cube

The "E" Cube

The E Cube has Everything from our 4 most popular kits: Telegraph Kit, Color Theory, Simple Circuit and Conduction Experiment. Explore many aspects of electricity and take it to the next step with our digital multi-meter. Have fun recording your results...
Quick View Wild Science Environmental Science - Forensic Science Lab

Wild Science Environmental Science - Forensic Science Lab

Solve impossible cases with real forensic science! Children aged 8+ will use chromatography to extract evidence from DNA analysis. They will also use special indicators spot dangerous Acids and Alkalis. Children will learn how to develop, lift and match...
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Quick View Just Add Baking Soda

Just Add Baking Soda

Future scientists and artists agree that this kit is explosive! This STEAM kit is the perfect mix of science and art for all creative kids. More than 20 science and arts activities including Bath Bombs, Ornaments, Baking Soda Volcano and so much more!...
Quick View Just Add Fruits & Veggies

Just Add Fruits & Veggies

What do you do with all your old fruits and veggies – no need to throw them out! This cool STEAM kit will deliver hours of exploration, creativity, learning and enjoyment. With more than 20 science and art activities, Just Add Fruits & Veggies will bring...
Quick View The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

Ms. Frizzle and her students take Young Scientists on a wild ride with the Magic School Bus as they explore the field of chemistry. Young Scientists make sticky ice, use litmus paper, measure pH, perform chromatography, make bubble sculptures, wake-up...
Quick View Erupting Cross-section Volcano Model

Erupting Cross-section Volcano Model

There's nothing like an erupting volcano to get kids fired up about earth science! This large plastic model makes volcano demonstrations easy AND mess-free. One half of the detailed cross-section shows the inside, the other has corresponding labels A, B,...
Quick View Just Add Milk Science + Art Kit

Just Add Milk Science + Art Kit

Just add milk™ introduces natural scientific reactions in a curious and colorful way! Create your own natural science experiments with some at home ingredients. Just add the milk! Learn a brief introduction to surface tension and experiment with other...
Quick View Just Add Sugar Science + Art Kit

Just Add Sugar Science + Art Kit

This bio-organic STEAM kit will inspire the artist and scientist alike. Make your own candy, sugar cubes and then clean up with your own homemade soaps. Includes card stock, rules booklet, food coloring, silicon tray, paint, white glycerin, syringe, and...
Quick View Snap Circuits Beginner

Snap Circuits Beginner

Begin your Snap Circuits® Experience with a wonderful introduction to problem solving, following directions, and the satisfaction of a job well done. Features: • The included 14 parts build over 20 projects • Extra safety features for younger engineers,...
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