Plant Studies

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Quick View Root-Vue Farm Kit

Root-Vue Farm Kit

Give Kids X-Ray Eyes! Multiple Award Winner, including Parent's Choice and Oppenheim Gold! This self-watering grow unit has a special viewing window set at a proper angle which makes it easy to see roots develop underground! Watch carrot, radish and...
Quick View Root-Vue Farm Kit, Refill, Pack of 8

Root-Vue Farm Kit, Refill, Pack of 8

Gives kids of all ages X-Ray eyes. Watch the action below the ground. A fascinating garden laboratory with any number of possible experiments. Plant the seeds and watch the roots grow down; have a root race, watch the carrots, radishes and onions take...
Quick View Sprout & Grow Window

Sprout & Grow Window

Get a Worms-Eye View of Root Growth. This transparent "natures window" allows gardeners of all ages to watch seeds sprout and grow into plants-right before their eyes! The large, transparent Sprout & Grow Window stands upright on a tabletop or windowsill...
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Quick View In a Flash: Plants

In a Flash: Plants

Are you in the process of lesson planning? What if everything you need to teach essential topics was conveniently packaged into one central device? Well, look no further! In a Flash: Plants is a complete unit on a flash drive and includes standards-based...
Quick View Cross-Section Plant Cell Model

Cross-Section Plant Cell Model

This model of a plant cell splits in half to provide a cross-section view and make learning the parts of a plant cell easy. One half of the colorful foam model is labeled with the parts of the cell, and the other is labeled with letters only. Included...
Quick View Cross-Section Flower Model

Cross-Section Flower Model

Demonstrate the parts of a flower in plant science lessons with this durable foam tulip model. One half of cross-section is labeled with part names (stamen, petal, pistil, sepal, stem, leaf and roots); other half is labeled with letters for assessment...
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