Plant Studies

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Quick View MiracleGro My First Root Viewer

MiracleGro My First Root Viewer

Plant the seed of creativity! We give you all the necessary tools to design, plant and observe your own root viewer. Explore plant growth in a fascinating way and record the constant changes of the root. The clear container makes it easy to watch your...
Quick View Regrow Science Lab

Regrow Science Lab

Wait! Don't toss that old tomato! There is plenty of life left in your kitchen scraps and unused pantry items, as you'll soon find out in this kit. Watch as new leaves, roots, and sprouts appear as you ReGrow them into tasty treats and healthy...
Quick View Sprout & Grow Window

Sprout & Grow Window

Get a Worms-Eye View of Root Growth. This transparent "natures window" allows gardeners of all ages to watch seeds sprout and grow into plants-right before their eyes! The large, transparent Sprout & Grow Window stands upright on a tabletop or windowsill...
Quick View In a Flash: Plants

In a Flash: Plants

Are you in the process of lesson planning? What if everything you need to teach essential topics was conveniently packaged into one central device? Well, look no further! In a Flash: Plants is a complete unit on a flash drive and includes standards-based...
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Quick View Cross-Section Plant Cell Model

Cross-Section Plant Cell Model

This model of a plant cell splits in half to provide a cross-section view and make learning the parts of a plant cell easy. One half of the colorful foam model is labeled with the parts of the cell, and the other is labeled with letters only. Included...
Quick View Cross-Section Flower Model

Cross-Section Flower Model

Demonstrate the parts of a flower in plant science lessons with this durable foam tulip model. One half of cross-section is labeled with part names (stamen, petal, pistil, sepal, stem, leaf and roots); other half is labeled with letters for assessment...
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