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Quick View The Why Not? Challenge

The Why Not? Challenge

Dr. Sanderlin ("Dr. Jackie") believes that all schools, especially those in communities with few resources, should develop a "Why Not?" attitude when it comes to what can be accomplished by their students. Where do funding and other resources come from...
Quick View Make It Relevant!

Make It Relevant!

Educators today often feel out of touch with their students. To effectively teach children, teachers must first connect with them and understand them. This book shows teachers how to become relevant to their students by leaning in, establishing implicit...
Quick View Emotion-Friendly Teaching Book - KA-BKEF

Emotion-Friendly Teaching Book - KA-BKEF

Spencer has done it again! He's written another must-have reference for all educators. Dr. Kagan has translated the enormous field of theory and research on emotions into a practical guide any teacher can use to make their teaching more emotion-friendly...
Quick View The Coaching Partnership - SC-858682

The Coaching Partnership - SC-858682

Create Unstoppable Teams through Collaborative Coaching! When teachers, coaches, mentors, and administrators successfully work together in a collaborative coaching partnership, everyone's effectiveness increases-and student achievement grows. The...
Quick View Literacy Walks

Literacy Walks

When school teams engage in literacy walks, they collaboratively assess their current literacy instruction to boost academic achievement, create equitable student learning experiences, and improve school morale and culture. Nancy Akhavan, a former...
Quick View 59 Kagan Structures Book - KA-BKS

59 Kagan Structures Book - KA-BKS

Kagan Structures are revolutionary teaching strategies. Why? Because they create an unparalleled level of student engagement. Kagan Structures create a cooperative and caring class tone by putting students on the same side as they interact in pairs,...
Quick View Cooperative Learning Book - KA-BKCLW

Cooperative Learning Book - KA-BKCLW

The book that started it all—is completely revised! Why would the Kagans update a classic that has sold nearly half a million copies? The answer: So much has changed! Cooperative Learning today is different. This new book presents today's most successful...
Quick View When Nothing Else Works - GR-10049

When Nothing Else Works - GR-10049

With the help of this book, teachers will learn to utilize a variety of shared creative strategies and techniques—from aromatherapy to affirmations—to address and adjust problematic behavior in the classroom while simultaneously promoting resilience and...
Quick View The Megabook of Fluency

The Megabook of Fluency

Fluency expert Timothy V. Rasinski teams up with Melissa Cheesman Smith, a veteran fifth grade teacher, to help teachers effectively weave fluency work into their daily reading instruction. The book is packed with engaging text and tools, an assessment...
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